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dear, dear, dear Hong Kong . . . 再見?

About Insignificance from the reviews —


A keen, observant chronicler of human foibles, Xu Xi's prose is as eminently readable as ever, mostly prioritising lucidity and directness but with occasional rhetorical flourishes, and her articulation of human emotional complexity instinctively feels true to life.  South China Morning Post


Her engrossing, whirlwind metafictional tales effectively demonstrate the far-reaching effects of politics and culture on the smallest, most personal aspects of Hong Kong people's daily lives. World Literature Today

Praise from other writers:

“An audacious, inventive and original collection: these ‘Hong Kong’ stories are full of clever energy and lively strangeness.” - Gail Jones

“What made the book impossible for me to put down was the writing that bristles with intelligence and humor.” - Krys Lee

“I read Insignificance in one gulp because it was so compelling. I loved the sophisticated wit and wry humour, the female characters who do not lend to easy stereotyping, and the sheer imaginative scope and range of the stories” - Alice Pung

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Edited by Jina Ortiz & Rochelle Spencer, with a foreword by Helena Maria Viramontes, this exciting new anthology is, according to Pulitzer fiction author Junot Diaz, "electrifying and absolutely necessary." Xu Xi's work is the title story and the volume features twenty-seven stories by women of color. Published in November, 2014 by the University of Wisconsin press.

ALL ABOUT SKIN named a Ms. Magazine 2014 must-read feminist book of the year.


20110823_MingPao (1.64 MB)

明 報 feature in the Ming Pao “Writing & Camels” (in Chinese): August 23, 2011

2011-Glass (1.67 MB)

UK Glass Magazine feature: March 2011

2011-CityWeekend (202 KB)

Beijing City Weekend review "subtle book. . . full of the nuances that characterize real life, love and loss."

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