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books (new)

This Fish Is Fowl: Essays of Being Univ. of Nebraska Press American Lives Series, ed. Tobias Wolff, USA (March 2019) Available for pre-order



new & recent in journals & anthologies


”Rhododendron” (fiction) Jewish Noir, ed. Chantelle Aimée Osman, Polis Books, 2020 (forthcoming)

”The Loan” Asia Literary Review, Oxford, UK, Issue 35, December 2018.

”TST” Hong Kong NoirAkashic Books, New York, December 2018 

“Lightning” The Culture TripLondon, UK, 8 November 2018

“Here I Am” The Best Asian Speculative Fiction, Kitaab International, Singapore, September 2018 (forthcoming)

"Interview" Usawa Literary Review, India, Inaugural Issue 1, Summer 2018.

“The Youngest Son”  The Script Road, Macau, 2018 (forthcoming) 
“Jazz Wife” (Japanese translation) - Eyescream, Space Shower Network, Tokyo, Japan, December 2017. (pub. date November 1, 2017)

“2016 The Political Year” (from Memories of You) Glimmer Train Fiction Open finalist, Portland, Oregon, July/August 2017
“The Transubstantiation of the Ants” - exhibited in “June 31, 1997” visual art installation by David Clarke, Videotage, Hong Kong, July, 2017
“Interview” - Upstreet, Richmond, Massachusetts, Issue 13, July 2017


”背景 The View from 2010” Massachusetts Review, Amherst, MA, 60th Anniversary Issue, Winter, 2019. (forthcoming)

”But for the Grace” (essay) Don't Look Now: What We Wish We Hadn't Seen, ed. Kristen Iversen & David Lazar, Ohio State University Press 21st Century Essays series, 2020 (forthcoming)

”A Brief History of Deficit, Disquiet & Disbelief by 飛蚊 FeiMan” Speculative Nonfiction, Issue 1, October, 2018
”The Chinese-ness of You" and "Dreamless Isles” from Keystrokes of Loong Hei Hong Kong 20/20: Reflections on a Borrowed Place, ed. PEN Hong Kong (English Edition), Blacksmith Books, Hong Kong, 2017; 20/20 Chinese edition, 2017
“Three Commandments for Writing About Race,” Brevity Nonfiction Blog, September 14, 2016
“The Crying City” - Bellingham Review, Washington, Spring 2016

Links to selected publications