books (forthcoming)

INSIGNIFICANCE Stories of Hong Kong (fiction), Signal 8 Press, Hong Kong, 2018.

THIS FISH IS FOWL Essays of Being (nonfiction), Univ. of Nebraska Press, USA, 2019-20.

new in journals & anthologies

“The Transubstantiation of the Ants” - June 31, 1997 visual art exhibit by David Clarke, Videotage, July, 2017
“Interview” - Upstreet, Richmond, Massachusetts, Issue 13, July 2017.
“Here I Am” - The Normal School, California State Univ., Fresno, Spring 2016.
“Mariner” - Hunger Mountain, Montpelier, Vermont, Issue 20, March/​April 2016.

“The Chinese-ness of You” and “Dreamless Isles” from Keystrokes of Loong Hei, Hong Kong 20/​20: Reflections on a Borrowed Place, ed. PEN Hong Kong, Blacksmith Books, Hong Kong, 2017 ; previously published in Evanescent Isles, 2008.
“Three Commandments for Writing About Race,” Brevity Nonfiction Blog, September 14, 2016.
“The Crying City” - Bellingham Review, Washington, Spring 2016.

earlier publications (representative/​recent)